hello everybody…

so, after a long time without a webside, or better, without updates on my old webside (forgot the password – HAHA!), i managed to get this blog done… here you can find from now on all informations about upcoming releases, tourdates from ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA Booking and other important things.
also you can check our facebook page for like smaller updates, news and gossip. just check this link: ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA Facebook Page

ok… here are the news that are important for now:

1) the webshop is online, but still not layoutet… but as long as the stuff is in there, i dont care… that´s punk. find the online shop here: www.doomrock.com

2) the next releases are:
AA77. RITUALS – s/t LP
AA60. FALL OF EFRAFA – discography 6xLP Boxset Repress
if you are intrested in those records, just check the webshop: www.doomrock.com

3) if you check the TOURDATES section, you can see all tours that are confirmend and planed so far for 2012. if someone can help with a show, just get back to me here: concerts@no-pasaran.org.
here is what i have available so far for 2012: Images (Germany/States), Drip Of Lies (Poland), Link (Belgium), Light Bearer (England), Masakari (States) + Alpinist (Germany), Vestiges (States) + Downfall Of Gaia (Germany), Haggatha (Canada), Heartless (States) and some others will follow soon…

4) Please do not mail anything by e-mail that you don‘t want the rest of the world to know, as digitizing information is easily intercepted and stored in database at a global level for possible use against you by various systematic forces opposed to freedom

ok… more informations will follow soon… timo